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Coordinating existing area rugs to a ...

Trying to choose a runner to match an existing area rug? The best approach is to work with the same types of colors & scale of color. This is the approach that Susan took. She had purchased locally a Central “Infinity” area rug for her Living room. She needed a dinning room rug, stair runner and a hallway runner to coordin [...]

Who said that “pie” shape...

Many local stores could not fabricate treads for “pie” shaped steps. Our customer Lynn, called us to help. She needed treads for 6 regular shaped stairs and 5 “pie” shaped steps. Trying to use a “regular tread” on a pie shaped step would not fit nor look proper. The Rug Depot took on the project. Since the [...]

Marley – no fear of climbing st...

Rene called in to discuss options and qualities for her stairs. She has two stair cases that need to have a stair runner. A high quality and a high performance product was the goal. Understanding the differences in qualities, samples were ordered. Meg, “The samples arrived today. Thanks so much for getting these to us so quickly and fo [...]

Custom fabricated landing

Custom fabricated landing
Our customer Priscilla under took a project to recover an antique set of stairs. The stairs had a 90 degree turn that led to two more stairs, but the customer only wanted to cover the straight set of steps. I strongly recommended that Priscilla cover all the steps & the landing, for it would look awkward that the entire stairs were not [...]

Runner for the SS Sergius & Herma...

Runner for the SS Sergius & Herman of Valaam Orthodox Church
Father Alexander Reichert was under going a new project to change the floors in the Church. Wall to wall carpet was removed and hardwood floors were installed. Father Alexander needed a runner for the Church. The product chosen was the Grand Parterre PT-01 red manufactured by Nourison. This is an excellent New Zealand wool product which will [...]

Coordinating rugs and stair runners

Coordinating rugs and stair runners
Our customer Sheila & Eric Holt needed a stair runner to coordinate with existing rugs that were purchased previously at The Rug Depot. We focused on the colors of her existing area rugs and came up with several choices to offer. A spectacular choice was made. The product was the Grand Partere PT02 midnight by Nourison. This is a high [...]

Treads – A dogs best friend

Treads – A dogs best friend
Dogs having difficulty getting up and down the stairs led this customer to look into buying #stairtreads. Durability and good looks were critical. The product chosen was the Dynamic Radiance 57120-6737. The customer measured their stairs and we needed to make three custom pieces for their “pies”. There were three steps that turn [...]

Dog Steps

Dog Steps
A Customer was purchasing a set of steps for her bed so that her dogs could get up to the bed. “My two small dogs are really not happy that I have to lift them up and take them off of my bed (I have recently purchased a new mattress.) They are looking forward to the #dogsteps and #carpettreads as much as I am.” The Rug Depot wil [...]

Dramatic Hallway Entrance runner and ...

Dramatic Hallway Entrance runner and area rugs
Kathleen needed assistance in choosing a runner that was both durable to withstand her  dog :  Jack going up and down the stairs as well as her family. The home had a dramatic wall paper to take into consideration, for that,  would be visible to the runner.  Kathleen sent me a photo of the wall paper.  Suggestions went back and forth and fina [...]

Stair Treads – Less formal then...

Stair Treads – Less formal then a stair runner
Perhaps you are thinking that a stair runner is too formal for your home.  How about using stair treads as an option? A customer called into The Rug Depot to find out solutions to covering their stairs and landing without having to have the formal look of a roll runner. In this scenario our custom designer, fabricated for our client a set of [...]