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Spring Sale

Spring has Sprung! This is usually the time of year many people consider changing things in their home and start spring cleaning. If you are looking for a renewed room, consider starting from the bottom up. Easier than repainting and cheaper than new furniture, a new area rug can make a huge change to the feel of your room. We have thousands [...]

Reviews of Rug Depot

Reviews of Rug Depot
Rug Depot has a section of our website completely dedicated to reviews of our loyal customers! With over 100 comments and reviews, our consumers agree, we give 5 star service and sell 5 star products! Check out a few reviews below or Click Here to view all the reviews!

Bathroom Rugs

Not many people think of a big rug store for the small rugs in places like the kitchen or bathroom. But in fact, we happen to sell rugs perfectly fit for these areas. It is often hard to find quality rugs for these areas due to their small size. Look no further than Rug Depot. In fact, our variety is so wide, that we have sizes that range fro [...]