How Stair Treads Can Help Improve Your Home?

Stair treads can help add extra grip to otherwise slippery wood stairs. The added traction that comes from adding stair treads to your home can help protect against children or the elderly slipping and falling on the way down the steps. Pets also benefit for added traction to your stairs and will find travelling up and down the stairs much easier.

Stair treads are easy to install and a cheaper alternative to carpeting your entire staircase. Treads offer the safety of carpeting while still keeping the look of a hardwood stair case.  While protecting your family and guests, stair treads also protect your home from wear and tear. Treads provide an extra layer of protection for your hard wood stairs. Over time, the constant pounding on hard wood staircases can eat away at the finish. Stair treads will help keep the finish of the wood looking great for years to come.

What Size Stair Treads Do I Need For My Home?

Measuring your stairs for treads is easier than you think! Visit our stair tread measuring guide to see how simple it can be. Do you have odd angles on your stair case? Not a problem! Our Team at Rug Depot can help you capture all the angles of your staircase and design a custom set of stairs treads just for you.

If you have additional questions about custom stair treads or the benefits they provide for your home please contact our team at (603) 891-1771