Dog Steps

A Customer was purchasing a set of steps for her bed so that her dogs could get up to the bed.

“My two small dogs are really not happy that I have to lift them up and take them off of my bed (I have recently purchased a new mattress.) They are looking forward to the #dogsteps and #carpettreads as much as I am.”

The Rug Depot will basically customize the #carpettreads to fit the bed steps. The treads were taken and custom cut to be 16″ x 5″ for each of the steps. At that point, the treads were finished off with binding. Finally, we added a pad called “tread pad upgrade” and glued it to the back of each of the treads, making the treads more secure.

customer comment:
“The treads arrived yesterday, Monday, and they are terrific! Just what I wanted! The pups are not as thrilled as I am, but I will continue to put treatsParmaDeas5 on my bed and I am sure they will figure out how to use the stairs. When my son and I were trying to show them what to do yesterday, he would give them the treats no matter if they tried or not!

Thank you again and again Meg!

Parma D.
Norport News VA