Custom fabricated landing

Priscillanelson2Priscillanelson1Our customer Priscilla under took a project to recover an antique set of stairs. The stairs had a 90 degree turn that led to two more stairs, but the customer only wanted to cover the straight set of steps.

I strongly recommended that Priscilla cover all the steps & the landing, for it would look awkward that the entire stairs were not continuously covered.

I reassured Priscilla that we could miter the piece and have it custom fabricated for her stairs, so that the material would go up the straight set, turn and then cover the last two steps.
We worked together, got the dimensions set and Priscilla chose a high density synthetic runner. The item that was chosen was the item # 150958 Palladino CBD7-0001A 26″ roll runner.

The outcome was fabulous. Priscilla emailed in to say that she “installed today….I love it! Thank you Meg!

This product is also available in a wall to wall carpet. The carpet could be applied in a wall to wall fashion, but also custom area rugs could be cut and fabricated.