Marley – no fear of climbing stairs

Rene called in to discuss options and qualities for her stairs. She has two stair cases that need to have a stair runner.
A high quality and a high performance product was the goal. Understanding the differences in qualities, samples were ordered.

Meg, “The samples arrived today. Thanks so much for getting these to us so quickly and for sending such generous samples. The size made it easy to get a sense of how each would look installed. We made our decisions.”

A high performance 1.5 million point synthetic called Radiance by Dynamic was chosen for one set of stairs. A wool product by Couristan, English Manor Devonshire was chosen for the front stairs.

Installation one:

“As promised, here is a photo of our finished project (back stairs)…including a shot of our 13 year old Labrador, Marley who can now go up and down the stairs with out a fear of falling. Thanks for all your help.

Marley is a big fan of Rug Depot and we are too!
Installation two:

To be continued……