Internet customer with 4 turned stairs

The customer, Marybeth, was having a difficult time finding an installer to install her stairs. She had 4 stairs which curved to the right. These steps are known as “pies”. She was being told that it was not possible to get the borders to line up when using an oriental style runner.

She called The Rug Depot, spoke to Meg and was told that we could certainly accomplish what she was trying to achieve.

After receiving measurements of the stairs, we were able to calculate out the amount of material needed for the job. marybethd2marybethd2



Though she was in New York and we were in New Hampshire, The Rug Depot sent out an experienced installer to her home. Chris, the Rug Depot installer arrived and successfully installed her stairs.

Each turned stair needed to be individually custom cut to fit.

The product was the Greenville 1-1004-70, a 26″ 1 million point roll runner.

The Greenville stair runner also comes in matching area rugs. Sizes range from a 2′ 3″ x 7′ 7″ hallway runner to a 9′ 10″ x 12′ 10″.