Take a stair runner and accomodate turned stairs

JoeBooth12 Joebooth13 JoeBooth14My customer called to have a runner fabricated to accommodate stairs that had two pie shaped steps in the middle of the run of stairs.

The customer wanted the Rug Depot to custom fabricate the pies, for he was not finding a local installer that was comfortable with the cuts that needed to be made.

Measurements were taken and templates were generated.  Custom pieces were cut and seamed on site at The Rug Depot.

The shipment was done in pieces. There were three pieces, two pie shaped pieces and the roll runner for the straight set of the stairs.

The customer had a professional installer tack down the runner. After the runner was installed, the customer wrote in to say,

“Hi Meg

Runner was installed and it looks perfect.  The installer said he never installed such a high quality runner.  He also said the pie stairs were done perfectly.  I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for all your help.”



Product:  Item:  114340 Augusta Floral CB43-0002A roll runner.

Available in 27″ roll runner, 31″ roll runner and wall to wall option.