Coordinating an area rug with pillows on a sofa….

Customer was moving into a new home.  They purchased new furniture.  Now they  needed a rug for their living room that would coordinate with their sofa.  The colors of the pillows are  grey and yellow. The sofa is a solid grey.

The choice was made to order a rug by Oriental Weavers, from the Stella Collection.

The rug is a transitional style rug which incorporated the grey, yellow and beige colors.

The rug pulled the colors of the pillows and helped to add drama to the room.

The customers arrangement is beautiful.  They truly made a great decision.

The Stella Collection is offered in the following sizes:

1’ 10” x 3’ 3”

DebbieBranco11’ 20” x 7’ 6”

3’ 10” x 5’ 5”

5’ 3” x 7’ 6”

6’ 7” x 9’ 6”

7.8 x 10.10

9’ 10” x 10’10”


Customer comments:

Hi Meg, we picked it up the rug on Saturday at the store. Sorry we missed you. Rug looks gorgeous!

And thanks for all your help – couldn’t have done it without you!