Match treads to an existing area rug…..

Our customer had an existing area rug made out of a Stanton Montpelier piece of carpet.  He emailed in to see if we could custom make stair treads to match.

If the material exists, we can do it!

The stairs in which needed the treads were straight, however,  the bottom six, flared out, so we planned on having the treads flare out as well.

The end result is stunning. Even the spindles match the carpet.

Meg, BriansullivanBriansullivan2

Here is a couple shots of the treads!
Wife loves them and is sending you her Aunt as a potential customer.
Product:  Royal Pavilion – Montpelier – carpet
color:  95039 Flannel
width:  13′ 2″
Image of MONTP