Wall to wall landings with a stair runner

Kane Carpet Classic Navy Sultana II 88018 with 2 Landings ConnectedA previous customer called us to say she wanted to do a stair runner, but the challenge was that the stairs were painted hardwood and the landings were plywood. On several occasions, samples were mailed to her. Customer comment: “Hope that I am not driving you crazy!” The customer was so excited in choosing an item. We decided to use the roll runner for the stairs and then use the coordinating wall to wall product for the landings.

She loved the Kane Sultana II 88018-19 Navy.

Customer comments:
” I really appreciate everyone’s efforts. I am so very happy. Chris, the installer was a “love”. I really love everything. Thank you so very much.”


Kane Sultana II  88018-19 Navy stair runner

Kane Sultana II
Navy stair runner