Contemporary style stair treads



Todd2This customer needed stair treads for the lower level.
They loved this new pattern called Bernardi BI 4551. Since this pattern did not come as treads, we took the finished area rugs and custom cut the treads and the “pie” shaped pieces for the angled steps.

The colors looked fantastic on the wood. The treads just pop off the floor. They make a nice transition into the cellar.

Customer reaction when picking up the treads: “The stair rugs look great, looking forward to installing!”

After installation, the customer sent off photos and comments:
“Looks great installed!” Thinking of a matching area rug……

This area rug comes in the following sizes:

3’3″x5’3″, 5’3″x7’7″, 6’7″x9’6″,7’10″ round, 7’10″x10’10″,

Need something in between these options? Rug Depot can take these sizes and adjust them.

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